How to Integrate Digital and Direct Mail

Direct mail is not dead. It is still effective, and many marketers are still enjoying the benefits of traditional form of marketing. But it is also true that your customers are using digital devices, and technology can help you engage with them in a more effective way. That is why many companies are now integrating digital and direct mail. This approach can help you reach all types of customers. In this post, we will show you how you can integrate these two forms of marketing.

Combine direct mail and email

You can greatly increase the chances of success by combining direct mail and email. This approach can positively impact your ROI. But you need to be strategic. Make sure you identify your potential clients and send direct mail to them first.

Once they have received the letter, wait for a week and then send an email. Then send two or three more emails with some intervals. For each piece, make sure you create a call of action. Write the pieces in such a way that your readers feel it important to respond. Identify the recipients who are taking the emails seriously.

Drive them to a digital offer

This is another great way to gain the attention of your audience. First send a printed piece to your customers and then drive them to a digital offer. Your aim is to capture your customer’s attention prior to the event. To make it easy for your customers, send them the URL of the web page where they will compete for the prize. On the page, describe how they can enter the contest. Engage your customers and later you will find it easier to move your customers through your sales funnels.

Drive engagement with existing customers

Merging direct mail and digital marketing can help you spread awareness among your existing audience. Send them printed letters and let them know what new offerings you have. When you make changes in your policies and upgrade your services, your existing clients should be informed in an appealing way. A digitally integrated direct mail can serve this purpose very well. It can greatly help you reconnect with your target audience.

Focus on interactive marketing

Interactive marketing leads to more sales. You can make the process more effective by combining direct mail with digital marketing. Mobile marketing, especially bulk SMS can be a more effective way to quickly capture an audience and provide interaction or encourage feedback. Your audience will check the SMS within a short time and respond quickly if they find the messages interesting. Sending email or bulk SMS is fine, but your company will be highly benefited from the process if you direct and digital mail. Here is an idea: send a holiday mailer to your customers and provide a QR code that they can use to join an online contest. Present your company’s core values in the letter.

Invest in your customers

You may find online marketing cheaper but you also have to bear in mind that you have a lot of competitors out there who are using the same digital marketing tactics. Your audience is likely to take direct mail more seriously which means using marketing cloud to make your mail templates more pretty and capturing. Yes, you will have to spend some money on sales force marketing cloud and to send higher quality printed letters to your customers, but if you use a company on like the one found here then it will not be in vein. If you use a mail house who integrates these services then, the process will be far less expensive. When your potential customers receive visually appealing printed letters, they at least read the letters. Many will respond and you will then find it easier to sell your products and services to these people.

Keep in mind that your customers are always digitally connected, and it is a good idea to use digital means to reach them. But your competitors are also using the same means. So if you want to be recognised in a different way, you can do so by combining direct mail with email, bulk SMS and other forms of digital marketing. If you succeed in appealing to your customers, your business will not have to look back.

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